Purchasing a pair of prescription eyeglasses is an investment! You spend a great deal of time and money searching for the perfect pair that flatters your face, as well as complements your personal style. It is very important to know how to care for and clean your prescription eyeglasses the proper way, in order to prolong the longevity of your favorite eyewear!

Regularly cleaning your eyewear can improve your visibly every day and maintain the newness of your eyeglasses. The best way to clean your prescription lens is with a microfiber cloth and eyeglass cleaner. Both of these tools should be specifically designated for eyewear for the best cleaning results. It is imperative to NOT use household items such as a glass cleaner or ammonia-based products. These chemicals can cause permanent damage to your prescription lens. To clean your eyewear, just spray both sides of the lens with your eyeglass cleaner and wipe until dry with the microfiber cloth. If you are properly cleaning your eyewear daily, you can avoid a buildup of oil and dirt on your lens making it easier to see.

Another vital tip is when you are not wearing your eyewear, store your prescription eyeglasses safely. By keeping your eyewear in a case or microfiber pouch, you can eliminate the dust and dirt while protecting your investment. You will also find that storing your specs can prevent scratches and breakage, giving them a long-lasting life.

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